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Why choose expert Data Recovery Services over just Doing-It-Yourself?

Data Recovery is like fixing your own car. Would you do it yourself?

Being the do-it-yourself Aussie is ideal for many kinds of problem solving… but what do you really know about Data Recovery? To illustrate this point, let’s look at something we all think we know enough about like cars. Most people have a better idea of what could be wrong with their car that breaks down than when their server or computer flashes blue screens of death, goes on the fritz, frys or smokes. We know that mechanics fix cars because they know where to isolate problems quickly, they understand the mechanics intimately, have many expensive tools to effectively do their jobs and have a lot of experience fixing the same or similar problems to your car troubles. So too do Data Recovery experts about your computer hard disks, servers or Raid devices.

What would be the point of trying then to fix your car yourself or pay the lowest bidder to try and fix it for you? In 90% of DIY cases like this whether it is a car or a computer hard drive, the operative word “try” implies a limited degree of success which shrinks as the complexity of the task increases. This all sounds like common sense doesn’t it? One would think so but for some reason, this same, sound logic is not applied to the often more complex and costly risks of applying effective and professional Data Recovery services to retrieve vital and often irreplaceable data and information. Data Detect is Australia’s premier Data Recovery service provider and there are some VERY good reasons why you should consider at the very least contacting them to find out what your data recovery options are. Some great reasons include that you’ll:

3.5” hard disk drive head
3.5” hard disk drive head

Data being recovered from faulty
Data being recovered from faulty
  1. Get a Free Assessment by a trained and experienced Data Detect technician. A friendly Data Detect technician will very quickly be able to tell you what the potential problem(s) are and whether or not they can help you with your Data Recovery requirements. This can be performed often in minutes compared with the hours and days (and possibly never) that you would have taken trying to identify yourself. Enjoy this expert advice and fast problem identification free of charge.
  2. Get back to your work while the Data Detect professionals do theirs. By employing the expert experience, advice and services of Data Detect you’ll be able to get back to work with the peace of mind that you now have the very best chance of retrieving your data without the risk and time required to try and do it yourself.
  3. Enjoy a speedy recovery. Data Detect will recover as much of your data as possible in record time – often days or even weeks faster than any other method, software or amateur can equal. If it’s physically and programmatically possible to recover your data, Data Detect will do it.
  4. Feel secure with a No Recovery / No Pay Policy. In the rare case where a data recovery is not possible, you are not liable to pay a cent for Data Detect’s efforts and time. Then you’ll know that everything that is possible has been done to retrieve your data without there being any cost or time loss to you in finding this out yourself.

At the end of the day, you’ve got an important decision to make. If your data is really important to you and you need it back fast, then be smart and minimise your risk, save time and money by employing the professionals. Contact Data Detect’s now and receive a free and accurate assessment of your data recovery requirements.

Mac Data Recovery Services from Data Detect

So if that beautiful Mac machine or Mac device of yours suddenly stops and doesn’t respond, smokes or breaks down, your best bet (besides keeping your head) to recovering your precious and irreplaceable data is to start looking for professional Mac data recovery services.

How would you know if you are an ideal candidate for Mac Data Recovery Services? Are any of the following thoughts steaming through your head:

  • My Mac doesn’t even switch on!
  • I can see or smell smoke coming from my machine!
  • I dropped my machine and now it wont turn on!
  • My machine has suffered water or fire damage!
  • My Mac simply won’t boot up / I cant access my OS-X operating system!
  • I’ve accidentally formatted my Mac hard drive or a drive patrician that had important data on it!
  • There are strange clicking sounds coming from my Mac / device!
  • My Mac applications keep crashing or won’t run at all!
  • I think my computer has been infected by a virus!
  • I’ve accidentally deleted files and / or directories!
  • I can’t hear my hard disk spinning!

If they are, then you have some important choices to make. If you can access and run the Mac Disk Utility (available on Mac OS-X), you can create a virtual disk that may restore your Mac system to a previous working state. If this fails (or you can’t even access it) and you are technically savvy and have the time to try and perform Mac data recovery yourself, then there are demo versions of data recovery software out there that might assist you. Once you have determined whether or not a specific software is right for your particular problem (presuming you know exactly what the problem is of course), then you would need to purchase the software and attempt a Mac data recovery yourself.

The data recovery of important information is not a straight forward process and it is not recommended that you take your Mac down to the local cyber jack computer store geek or even attempt to perform a Mac Data Recovery yourself unless you really know what you’re doing. Problems involving deleted data recovery for example can be very complex and the wrong approach can lead to even more damage.

So although DIY is the cheaper option, if you value your time and time is money you may end up spending a lot of it trying to do something yourself that may result in you loosing that precious data forever – not to mention the frustration and inconvenience the whole experience will unnecessarily create. It really makes sense to search out professional data recovery services from reputable data recovery companies and find the one that will best suit you.

At Data Detect we understand that Mac people are in a league of there own and that they really do love their Mac computers and technology with a fierceness hard to find in the PC world. Data Detect’s Mac data recovery services are expertly applied by Mac orientated technicians who live and breathe Mac technology. So when you bring your data woes to Data Detect, you’ll be deal with a sophisticated, fully certified and trained Mac technician that intimately understands not only the Mac OS-X operating system and Mac hardware, but also how important your information, data, and media is to you.

With Data Detect, a professional and free assessment of your Mac device will be conducted without the fee being built into your final quoted amount. What’s more is you’ll only pay an agreed reasonable fee once a successful Mac data recovery of your information has been performed to your satisfaction. No recovery, no bill! If you need to recover data and want it back, contact Data Detect for professional Mac Data Recovery Services today.

raid data recovery

Data Recovery and Raid Recovery Specialists launch new Website

The data recovery of information you’ve stored on your personal laptop can alleviate the untold sorrow of permanently loosing sentimental information. Similarly, a successful RAID recovery can literally save your business from going bust if your servers suddenly come crashing to an unexpected halt.

The reality is that for various and often inexplicable reasons, data and information can get itself into a whole lot of apparently irretrievable trouble.

Fortunately, with the launch of their new national website, Data Detect is a dedicated provider of specialised Data Recovery and RAID Recovery services that can quickly and affordably return that precious data to you from most kinds of data storing devices.
Through Data Detect’s new website, access a powerful online knowledge base made up of FAQs, Articles and Blog Posts that will get you in the know quickly and authoritatively on all things related to data and data recovery. More importantly though, those of us biting our nails for help can begin to breath easy by accessing their many convenient channels of getting in touch with us to begin the process of solving a data loss related problem. Get an online quote, send them a sms from your mobile for an instant call back or even chat to a customer agent online.

Data Detect’s Data recovery and RAID Data Recovery technicians are certified and highly experienced to provide professional services to solve most data loss issues from standard operating and media systems to highly complex RAID servers and antiquated legacy systems gone wrong.

A professional and free assessment of your problem will be performed, and unlike other companies, the fee is not built into your final quoted amount. To top this all off, you pay an agreed, reasonable fee only once your data has been recovered to your satisfaction.

If you think you’ve lost your data, get Data Detect’s Data Recovery or RAID recovery services now. With a no obligation, no fee unless your data is returned and a 100% Quality guaranteed service from the industry professionals of Australia, what have you got to loose?

Data Loss!! What do I do now?

Data loss is one of the risks of modern technology. Most companies and individuals will face data loss sooner or later. Although back-ups are made, there is always a risk of hard drive failure.

You can imagine the chaos when critical data is lost, and it needs to be recovered as quickly as possible. Data detect aims to do just this – recover your data quickly and safely.

If you have forgotten to back-up important files, consider using our reputable and experienced data recovery services.

We offer professional and quality file retrieval for almost any kind of modern technology. For example:

• single hard drive or multiple RAID drives
• Interfaces: IDE, EIDE, Serial ATA (SATA), SCSI, SAS
• The following brands: Maxtor, Western Digital, Seagate, IBM & Hitachi, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Samsung, Iomega, Lacie.

In the event of data loss:

1. Give us a call or request a quote
2. Book your media on quote approval.
3. To avoid any further damage we request that you following our packing guidelines
4. Remember – we only charge if we recover the data

Once we have received your hard dive, a free diagnostic evaluation determines whether the media device is accessible to our equipment. A clone of your hard drive is then made and the recovery begins. We use proprietary software and in-house techniques to recover your data.
Your data is then written to any media of your choice (external hard drive, CD, DVD, tape, etc.) and delivered back to you. Our team will provide you with simple instructions on how to access and reinstall your recovered data. Data Detect’s technical support staff are available for assistance should you have any queries or comments.

Forensic Recovery – Cache 24

The world of television and film has influenced users to think of crime laboratories, where evidence is analysed, to be clean white areas with microscopes and glass jars. Data recovery isn’t far from that image. They do have clean rooms, which resemble a lab. These rooms are purely there to be able to recover data without any environmental factors affecting the hardware.

There is another area where evidence labs and data recovery overlap and that is in forensic data. Data recovery specialists are able to analysis the data on PCs and provide digital evidence on any activity. This has been a great assistance in crime fighting; especially murder cases, where users are acquiring information off the Internet before committing the crime.

But before you panic about what your daily searches will reveal, you should know that the information is highly detailed. Data specialists are able to tell the difference between an obscene pop-up ad and a specific search for crime information. For criminals, clearing the cache won’t help. Data recovery specialists have mastered retrieving files from the memory, regardless of a clean cache or not.

Forensic Data is becoming a common procedure to find evidence in murder cases. Recently, it was used when Indian PhD student, Anurag Johri killed his wife with a baseball bat. Prosecutors were able to reveal that the day before the killing, Anurag was searching for terms such as “tips with killing with a baseball bat” and “how to murder someone and not get caught.”

Data Detect has had more than 30 years combined experience in the data recovery industry. One of the services that they provide is Forensic Recovery. They are able to secure evidence from an entire system, network or data storage device. From the information they will be able to conclude whether data has been erased or damaged.

They are able to search on the system, using keywords, numbers, files or even phrases to find specific data. Once the digital information is found, they can verify if there was unlawful use of proprietary information or if an authenticate software license was breached.

In another murder case study, a woman attempted to kill her husband by giving him anti-freeze in his wine. Her husband managed to live through the ordeal, but is now blind and deaf from the poisoning. The wife was hoping he would pass on so she could use his life insurance to pay off mounting debts. According to reports, she had been researching ways to kill her husband of seven years, on Google.

Data Detect is able to repair altered or damaged data through a variety of computer investigation methods. With the advantages of having clean rooms, they are able to control and fully document an assessment of the computer media.

Forensic data isn’t a service that is used only for criminal investigations. Data Detect provides it for the public as well, in recovering or repairing data for personal use. They are able to assist in finding lost files and emails, which have either gone missing due to error or physical damage.

Data detect forensics
Google kill
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