The world of television and film has influenced users to think of crime laboratories, where evidence is analysed, to be clean white areas with microscopes and glass jars. Data recovery isn’t far from that image. They do have clean rooms, which resemble a lab. These rooms are purely there to be able to recover data without any environmental factors affecting the hardware.

There is another area where evidence labs and data recovery overlap and that is in forensic data. Data recovery specialists are able to analysis the data on PCs and provide digital evidence on any activity. This has been a great assistance in crime fighting; especially murder cases, where users are acquiring information off the Internet before committing the crime.

But before you panic about what your daily searches will reveal, you should know that the information is highly detailed. Data specialists are able to tell the difference between an obscene pop-up ad and a specific search for crime information. For criminals, clearing the cache won’t help. Data recovery specialists have mastered retrieving files from the memory, regardless of a clean cache or not.

Forensic Data is becoming a common procedure to find evidence in murder cases. Recently, it was used when Indian PhD student, Anurag Johri killed his wife with a baseball bat. Prosecutors were able to reveal that the day before the killing, Anurag was searching for terms such as “tips with killing with a baseball bat” and “how to murder someone and not get caught.”

Data Detect has had more than 30 years combined experience in the data recovery industry. One of the services that they provide is Forensic Recovery. They are able to secure evidence from an entire system, network or data storage device. From the information they will be able to conclude whether data has been erased or damaged.

They are able to search on the system, using keywords, numbers, files or even phrases to find specific data. Once the digital information is found, they can verify if there was unlawful use of proprietary information or if an authenticate software license was breached.

In another murder case study, a woman attempted to kill her husband by giving him anti-freeze in his wine. Her husband managed to live through the ordeal, but is now blind and deaf from the poisoning. The wife was hoping he would pass on so she could use his life insurance to pay off mounting debts. According to reports, she had been researching ways to kill her husband of seven years, on Google.

Data Detect is able to repair altered or damaged data through a variety of computer investigation methods. With the advantages of having clean rooms, they are able to control and fully document an assessment of the computer media.

Forensic data isn’t a service that is used only for criminal investigations. Data Detect provides it for the public as well, in recovering or repairing data for personal use. They are able to assist in finding lost files and emails, which have either gone missing due to error or physical damage.

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