Samsung – Data Recovery Information

Samsung - Data Recovery Information

Samsung Hard Drives Failures

The most common problem seen with Samsung Spin Point HDD is burnt circuit boards(PCB). Samsung drives, like most other hard drives, are susceptible to overheating and power surges. A power streak together with a bad power supply is enough to cause the spindle drive chip to burn, making data unreadable. In this case, the PC would shutdown entirely or reboot itself, and you would notice an acrid smell of smoke coming from inside.

In this instance, you could try swapping PCB from a donor model, however, the chances of doing this successfully are very slim.

Firmware Issues

Firmware, as with most hard drives, can also be a problem with Samsung drives. If just a small portion of the drive’s firmware becomes corrupt, then the drive will stop working. When this happens, there isn’t usually any noticeable noise, but the drive shows up with a zero capacity and is not identified in the BIOS. Attempting to read data or boot up when the drive is like this will result in the following SMART error messages being received:

“Disk boot failure”
“Primary Master Hard Disk Fail”
“No operating system found”

Clicking / Knocking Sounds

The other common problem with Samsung hard drives is a knocking or clicking sound. When the drive starts to spin, the heads begin to click intermittently or sometimes continuously. , , The most common reason for this is damaged heads; meaning HDD requires class one hundred, clean room environment to open up and swap head assembly with a matching donor. As I’ve said before, DO NOT attempt to do this yourself! You will most certainly cause more damage to the platters and your data will be unrecoverable.

Bad Sectors: Typical

The last issue that is, unfortunately, typical for all drives, particularly Samsung drives is bad sectors.Over time the magnetic media within the drive begins to break down, resulting in bad sectors. When the HDD touches this unreadable spot, it may do any of the following:


Every time it tries to read this damaged area, more damage is caused and more data lost. If you were to attempt reading any further data, you would be making the problem far worse! Lab technicians use specific hardware for reading bad sector data, which is normally the only safe way to retrieve data from bad sectors.

If you should ever start experiencing symptoms such as these, please shut down your computer right away and speak to a professional data recovery expert.

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