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We’ve all done it: dropped our expensive usb hard drive and thanked goodness that it didn’t break. Only sometimes you’re not that lucky and you end up with a cracked case and no way to get at the information that’s inside. Fortunately, our data recovery experts at our high-tech lab in Canberra can restore your contacts, photos, emails, messages, files, and music almost before you realise they’re gone.

We can recover lost, damaged and deleted files from a wide range of personal digital media devices, such as, USBs, MP3 players, DVDs and CDs, and external hard drives, using our specially developed proprietary data recovery software and tools.

Your company can also benefit from our services, as our recovery software also retrieves data from corrupted RAID systems, computer servers and hard disk drives (HDDs).

Data Recovery Tips

There is only one extremely important tip when it comes to recovering data from damaged systems: don’t try to do it yourself. Especially, don’t download cheap (or free) data recovery software. It seems like a simple solution, but it will cost you more in the long-run – usually because you can do permanent damage to your software and hardware, which makes professional data recovery almost impossible.

The best solution, and the most affordable solution when you get right down to it, is to contact a data recovery specialist with the tools and experience to restore your data in the shortest time possible.

We have the experience and the facilities to recover data from a range of hardware, software and operating systems. Our data recovery engineers have successfully restored data files from Apple Macs Linux sytems, Microsoft Windows file systems, all levels of RAID, and a range of hard disk drives and solid-state drives (SSD).

Contact us now to find out more about our expert data recovery services in Canberra; we guarantee that it won’t cost you a cent if we fail to recover your data.

Contact our Canberra branch

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