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Data Recovery is like fixing your own car. Would you do it yourself?

Being the do-it-yourself Aussie is ideal for many kinds of problem solving… but what do you really know about Data Recovery? To illustrate this point, let’s look at something we all think we know enough about like cars. Most people have a better idea of what could be wrong with their car that breaks down than when their server or computer flashes blue screens of death, goes on the fritz, frys or smokes. We know that mechanics fix cars because they know where to isolate problems quickly, they understand the mechanics intimately, have many expensive tools to effectively do their jobs and have a lot of experience fixing the same or similar problems to your car troubles. So too do Data Recovery experts about your computer hard disks, servers or Raid devices.

What would be the point of trying then to fix your car yourself or pay the lowest bidder to try and fix it for you? In 90% of DIY cases like this whether it is a car or a computer hard drive, the operative word “try” implies a limited degree of success which shrinks as the complexity of the task increases. This all sounds like common sense doesn’t it? One would think so but for some reason, this same, sound logic is not applied to the often more complex and costly risks of applying effective and professional Data Recovery services to retrieve vital and often irreplaceable data and information. Data Detect is Australia’s premier Data Recovery service provider and there are some VERY good reasons why you should consider at the very least contacting them to find out what your data recovery options are. Some great reasons include that you’ll:

3.5” hard disk drive head
3.5” hard disk drive head

Data being recovered from faulty
Data being recovered from faulty
  1. Get a Free Assessment by a trained and experienced Data Detect technician. A friendly Data Detect technician will very quickly be able to tell you what the potential problem(s) are and whether or not they can help you with your Data Recovery requirements. This can be performed often in minutes compared with the hours and days (and possibly never) that you would have taken trying to identify yourself. Enjoy this expert advice and fast problem identification free of charge.
  2. Get back to your work while the Data Detect professionals do theirs. By employing the expert experience, advice and services of Data Detect you’ll be able to get back to work with the peace of mind that you now have the very best chance of retrieving your data without the risk and time required to try and do it yourself.
  3. Enjoy a speedy recovery. Data Detect will recover as much of your data as possible in record time – often days or even weeks faster than any other method, software or amateur can equal. If it’s physically and programmatically possible to recover your data, Data Detect will do it.
  4. Feel secure with a No Recovery / No Pay Policy. In the rare case where a data recovery is not possible, you are not liable to pay a cent for Data Detect’s efforts and time. Then you’ll know that everything that is possible has been done to retrieve your data without there being any cost or time loss to you in finding this out yourself.

At the end of the day, you’ve got an important decision to make. If your data is really important to you and you need it back fast, then be smart and minimise your risk, save time and money by employing the professionals. Contact Data Detect’s now and receive a free and accurate assessment of your data recovery requirements.

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