Clean Room Services

Clean rooms are used in circumstances where an environmental factor such as humidity, temperature, airborne pollution or even light can be harmful to the repair and manufacturing of susceptible electronic components.

Constructed to the premier standards, a clean room is entirely preserved to stop the immigration of contaminants such as volatiles from glues and particulate substances. High-end filtration schemes and air administration apparatus creates affirmative air pressure within the compartment to further protect against potential contamination of highly receptive media.

Clean rooms are a necessary facility in the data recovery trade because of the close tolerance devices originating within storage devices. The illustration shows the comparative extent of these tolerances.
Categorizations are homogeneous classes based on airborne constituent counts. For instance, in a class 100 clean room 750 particles are allowed per every cubic foot that measure 0.2 µm, 300 at 0.3 µm and so forth. Of course, steady observation and preservation of the atmosphere is a prerequisite for the upholding of effectual clean room equipment.

Data Detect’s internal clean environment atmospheres meet, and exceed, typical requirements for all hard drive events. Data Detect abides by the Class 100 certification policy, allowing Data Detect to meet the U.S. Federal standard for the environment.

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