RAID Recovery

Today, the technology is natively supported by most operating systems, and also implemented in affordable network-attached storage (NAS) appliances. But what happens when the NAS appliance itself fails, either due to unstable firmware or an irreparable hardware component?

In most cases, this means that the data will be spread across multiple disks. When that happens, plugging individual HDDs into a PC will not work, and attempting to reuse the disk drives in a new NAS may cause it to reinitialize them – thereby destroying the existing data. There is help at hand so don’t despair as Data Detect has the experience and technology to recover the data. We have recovered many NAS devices and have satisfied clients to prove this. (see our many reviews).

Common Problems on NAS devices

Common problems associated with NAS failure include parity loss, the NAS will not rebuild after replacing a hard drive, the NAS will not reboot due to firmware upgrade,the NAS is slow or hanging intermittently.

Data Detect offers data recovery on all NAS devices including the following manufacturers:

Western Digital










Why choose Data Detect for your NAS recovery?

  • A 90% Success Rate
  • Reliable and fast service
  • Risk-Free Diagnostics
  • Guaranteed Confidentiality and Customer Support
  • Highest Rating for Customer satisfaction
  • State of the art facilities,tools and utilities

At Data Detect, we specialise in NAS RAID data recovery. We have over 30 years of combined data recovery experience ensuring you the best chances of success.

What to do and How to start the process

Power the NAS device down. Do not attempt to rebuild the device or run any data recovery software as this may reduce the chances of a successful recovery and increase the cost to recover.Contact us immediately for an informative and speedy response.

Call 1300 278 995 for immediate assistance or complete the quote request form

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