Lacie Hard Disk Drives

Data Detect is authorised by Lacie to perform data recovery on all their products without voiding the warranty.

LaCie Storage Devices Emphasise Design

In carving a path as technology leaders, LaCie has produced top-class storage technology, in conjunction with finest designers, worldwide. Emphasising reliable design, LaCie has enjoyed a 12-year partnership with a leading Scottish designer, who upgrades their renowned “bullet proof” professional d2 line. Since its inception, LaCie has consistently been first-to-market with similar innovations as the USB/FireWire board, SCSI drive, USB bus-powered hard drive, SATA external drive, FireWire 800 hard drive and Terabyte hard drive.

LaCie is expanding in size, while consistently improving its simple and fast storage solutions through lab research. In the coming years LaCie hopes to move into network and multi-media creations, expanding its force of design from tiny USB keys to massive multi-Terabyte systems.

Common Failings In LaCie Storage Devices

Prevent damage to computer devices by removing the electronic current. If your LaCie external USB won’t mount, has crashed, or seems about to, simply shut it down and contact Data Detect for an evaluation and diagnosis. Data Detect has recovered documents from a wide range of operating systems, bringing professional experience to the treatment of your failed LaCie device.

LaCie external USB enclosures house Maxtor, Seagate, Western Digital and other hard drives, for which Data Detect uses the most advantageous equipment. Data Detect is class 100 certified, meaning that the hard drives are handled and opened in the cleanest environment, erasing the likelihood of contamination from the environment.

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