Iomega Hard Disk Drives

Iomega As Product Leaders

Iomega has used a maxim of simplicity and dependability for over a quarter of a century. Begun at an IBM facility in Arizona, Iomega engineers began researching crash-proof technology, in a quest to save data. Assuming that all machines break, no information needs to be strictly dependent on its medium. After 2 years of development, the Iomega Alpha-10 Bernoulli drive was launched as the first magnetic storage product to offer built in crash-protection. Iomega has enjoyed success on a global sale – enforcing its long-standing dependability and allowing for productive expansion. Iomega enters its second quarter century committed to helping its customers manage, protect, share and enjoy their digital lives.

Data Recovery From Failed Iomega Storage Products

A common problem with Iomega devices is the sudden failure of a hard disk drive in the enclosure. Because Data Detect works with Western Digital, Maxtor, Seagate and other hard disk drives on a daily basis, all saved information is in safe, informed hands. Occasionally the Iomega driver may be inaccessible, but continue to function physically, or the operating system recognises the drive in the enclosure, but a fail error appears. Alternatively, the operating system recognises the drive but asks the user to format it.

In many situations the operating system will fail to recognise the drive when connected via USB, or the enclosure fails to respond or power up when switched on. In both situations, Data Detect has refined its ability to rescue seemingly lost data from broken devices.

As soon as you suspect a system failure with an Iomega product, turn it off and remove it from the system. Cutting an electrical current directly increases your chances of recovering lost data, following a professional evaluation and diagnosis.

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