Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery

Data Detect is Australia’s leading recovery hard drive specialists with the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the country. We can recover data from your faulty hard drive no matter what the problem is. If the hard drive is clicking or buzzing or not being recognised by the computer, Data Detect has the best tools in the industry and the latest technology ensuring you the best chance of success.

Data Detect is your best chance of a successful hard disk data recovery.

It is important to determine what type of fault the hard drive has incurred. This applies to both internal and external hard disk drives.

There are typically 4 types of failures a hard disk drive can incur:



1. The hard drive may make a regular clicking noise when it is first powered on. This will last for approximately 20 seconds before the disk powers down.

2. The hard drive may beep, or buzz when first powered on and will not spin up.

– The drive will not be recognised by the computer.


– The hard drive has been knocked: e.g. it may have been dropped, or if it’s in a laptop or notebook, it may have been bumped.

– Mechanical failures are not exclusive to hard drives being knocked or bumped, hard drives can fail at any time – from old age, overheating or manufacturer defect.


Failure Symptoms:

– Files and Folders will not open or have become inaccessible
– Files and Folders will not copy correctly – often CRC (Cyclical Redundancy Check) errors will be reported
– Files and or Folders may have been deleted or overwritten


– Areas of the hard drive may not be readable due to the development of bad sectors.
– Data structures on the hard drive may have been corrupted due to the disk not being ejected from the system correctly.


Failure Symptoms:

– The drive will not spin when it is powered on
– Sometimes the hard drive will get very hot
– It will not be recognised by the computer


– A power surge has caused damage to the drive
– The wrong power cable has been plugged in.


Failure Symptoms:

– The drive will be recognised incorrectly by the computer
– Often the capacity of the drive is also reported incorrectly


– The firmware (or ‘microcode’) that runs the drive has become corrupted. Often this is a result of software errors that exist in the firmware.

Data Detect Hard Drive Data Recovery Service is your best choice to get your data back.

Our hard drive data recovery service is unique: We are able to recover more data from more failures than many any other data recovery companies because we are able to successfully diagnose the failure (at no charge to you) in our laboratory and provide you related information to the type of fault, the rate of success and costs associated with the recovery, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Data Detect has the best and the latest data recovery tools and utilities, as well as highly trained data recovery technicians with over 30 years of combined data recovery experience to ensure your best chance of success.

We have access to thousands of hard drive spare parts and carry our own large inventory of all major hard disk manufactures and if we don’t have stock we are able to source from our dedicated international suppliers in the shortest possible time.

We have the highest customer satisfaction rating in Australia.

To start the Data Recovery process

Call 1300 278 995 for immediate assistance.
We will advise you on what to do, provide you with indicative pricing and guide you through the recovery process, OR simply complete the online quote request.

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