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What’s the most prized asset in any business? Data, right?

Without data businesses have nothing; no client contact details, no contracts, no financial records, and no documentation – nothing.

And where is all of this data stored? On computers, servers, and external drives, right? No doubt hard copies of the important information are carefully filed, but it’s still a catastrophe when computer systems go down.

Our data recovery services in Melbourne ensure that files are quickly restored to your servers, laptops, external and internal hard disk drives (HDDs), and even RAID systems.

We don’t just specialise in business data recovery, however.

Give us a call if your personal Apple Mac or NAS gives up the ghost or you USB or external hard drive starts acting shaky, and we’ll use our advanced data recovery software to retrieve your contacts, photos and (legally obtained) music and movie files.

Our engineers designed our data recovery software and tools specifically so we could restore damaged or deleted files from an increasingly wide range of products and from an increasingly wide range of manufacturers. One of the primary motivators behind our software development was the need to adapt to the complicated data recovery programs required by Apple products and operating systems. Even Raid data recovery doesn’t isn’t the major headache it could be thanks to our software.

Data Recovery in Australia

All of our data recovery branches in Australia, including Melbourne, are equipped with the latest technology. Our highly-qualified and skilled technicians and recovery laboratory equipment can boast a success rate of over 90%; which is excellent when you consider the myriad ways in which data can be lost.

We are so confident in our staff’s abilities that we have a no recovery, no payment policy. If we fail to recover your data, you won’t pay a cent on condition no parts are required.

Contact us now and let out experts and specialist data recovery software restore your deleted and damaged files.

Contact our Melbourne branch

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