Data Recovery Sydney

Data Detect is a full service data recovery service center in Sydney Australia, offering a complete range of data restore services.

From your RAID system to your IPOD, from your laptop to your storage media, Data Detect has over 10 years of experience servicing all types of problems. So, if you’re in Sydney & need data recovery urgently, look no further than our North Sydney Data Detect branch.

Sydney Opera House, Sydney NSW
courtesy Diliff, Wikimedia Commons.

Our  Sydney recovery service includes free evaluation, free analysis and quotation. If you are facing a data crisis, do not wait optimistically hoping the problem will fix itself, or download supposed recovery software off the web – contact a data recovery professional immediately.

At Data Detect, we maintain a success rate in excess of 90%. Usually, data that cannot be recovered has been so badly corrupted or the physical media has been so badly damaged that it is beyond recovery. But remember that with Data Detect, if it can be recovered, we will make it happen.

Our recovery services apply to a range of data-loss circumstances. We offer services for removable media, desktop and laptops, hard disk drives, palm or pocket PC’s, IPOD’s, mobile phones and more.

Data Detect also offers range of forensic recovery services. Computer technology is more recognised as a valid format of evidence for criminal or civil cases. Data Detect can locate evidence from emails, ledgers, or data dealing with sexual harassment, corruption, misconduct, trade secret theft, copyright infringement, or the illegal use of proprietary information.

Data Detect Sydney will help you overcome data emergencies, whether you are requiring exchange recovery, RAID recovery, hard disk drive recovery.

Our services can cater for Intel platforms:

NT Workstation and Server, Windows ME, 98 and 95, Windows XP, Novell Netware, and OS / 2. SCO Open Server and Xenix, Solaris, Linux and Windows 2000 Professional and Server. Unixware from Novell and SCO are included within our Unix operating system range.

We also offer services for the following non-Intel platforms:

All Macintosh hardware, AIX, OS 9, OS X, IRIX, UNIX and Apple Mac, HPUX, VMS, and Open VMS.


Contact Data Detect Sydney today for the best data recovery services around.

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