You’ve been clicking away with your neat digital camera the size of a credit card (or whatever) and now it’s time for the great viewing. It could have been a wedding, or a safari or even baby’s first birthday. You connect it up, but the directory is empty.

Here’s what might have happened:
1. As with data recovery, images leave behind a jpeg marker as well as the data that refers you to the image. So instead of having been deleted, the file is just eclipsed by newer files written over them.
2. A static shock to the camera could corrupt some files, causing the rest to be invisible as well. You’ll know this has happened when you can’t carry on taking all those cheesy pics.
3. You had a bit too much champagne and forgot that you borrowed someone else’s card to jam more images into your camera. The other card’s still in your pocket, next to the squished carnation.

You wouldn’t pull your hard disk apart looking for lost documents, so don’t do it to your camera. Rather send it to data recovery specialists, who have the correct software to retrieve last data as quickly and efficiently as possible. You don’t have to forget your favourite day, ever. Recover it.

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