New Western Digital hard drive range, the Greenpower Drive, has proven excellence in its remarkable achievement of reducing power consumption by a whopping estimated 40 percent. Not only does this amount to huge savings for large companies and corporations that have massive employee rosters who all use computers, but it also means less CO² emission into the atmosphere each year, making it an ideal motivator for use in a modern globally hot under the collar society. Western Digital will be including this new earth friendly technology in their new terabyte sized external hard drives that will be commercially available as from this month, August 2007.

Other power saving hard drives that are becoming or have become available would include the Kanguru External Eco Drive that has 3 power usage user settable modes, the Buffalo Ministation and Drivestation that have a power shutdown scheduling feature and an auto on/off feature, the Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000, which boasts a patented feature where its drive heads use energy converted from the spinning action of the disks to operate (also protecting against data loss).

This progression is a testament to the will of manufacturers to provide a quality service to their customers and chuck in their two cents to help save the planet as well; it’s good to see corporation’s actions having positive effects on the well being of nature for a change.

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