Novell NetWare Presents a Special Case for Data Recovery

There are compelling reasons why most Fortune 500 companies use Novell Netware, as do major organisations such as banks, governments and military installations. They place huge importance on the security and stability that surrounds their mission critical environments.

That’s why when a volume – or worse, a RAID array – crashes on a NetWare server it often creates more distress than with just about any other operating system.

Because NetWare provides file system components and utilities such as NetWare partitions, NetWare volumes, and file management utilities, critical issues present themselves whenever failures occur outside of the scope of a Disaster Recovery plan. This can effect the management of data and backups, security, reliability, fault tolerance and access to data by different operating system platforms. In such a situation it is essential to locate the faulty drive and get it to data recovery experts like Data Detect as soon as possible.

Recovering Deleted Files on Novell NetWare

Of all operating systems NetWare offers the most useful safety net for recovering accidentally deleted files by storing all deleted files and keeping them available for recovery.

However, this feature is invalidated as soon as a user runs a directory purge or the administrator runs a purge on the entire volume. NetWare will also remove deleted files when it senses that the server is running short on storage space. Although this automatic purge relies on files being of a certain age, and therefore deemed unwanted, if the file has been accidentally deleted it is unlikely you will have foreseen the need to recover the file.

We can recover deleted files, corrupt Novell volumes and rescue data whenever the drive cannot be mounted. Our expert staff can also recover data from corrupted, deleted and formatted Novell NetWare volumes, failed drives and NWFS and Net386 partitions.

When you realise that you have suffered critical data loss on your Novell server, identify the failed drive or RAID system and discontinue operation immediately. Do not try to fix the problem yourself as this will often cause further damage to the drive and the data you need to recover. Instead, contact us for advice on recovering data from all configurations of Novell NetWare servers.

Data Detect supports all versions of Novell NetWare.

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