Forensic Services

Computers have infiltrated every area of our lives, so why shouldn’t they play a crucial role in solving crime. Everything we do leaves some kind of a trail; in this day and age, that trail is usually digital. What many criminals (blue and white collar) don’t know is that it’s difficult to delete that trail. Even hammers and fires don’t completely obliterate information on computers. Forensic data recovery finds the data that criminals try to hide and helps bring them to book.

Data Detect secures forensic evidence

During our 30 years combined in the data recovery industry, we have developed, and continue to develop, high-tech systems to recover data for forensic purposes. Our forensic data recovery team can uncover evidence for a variety of cases, including trade secret theft, sexual harassment, patent and copyright infringement, fraud, and embezzlement. We can also uncover employee misconduct, industrial espionage, discrimination, indecency, narcotics smuggling, conspiracies, and corruption.

We use proprietary software and tools to recover proof that data was either deliberately or unintentionally lost, damaged or deleted, on such media as files, formatted disk, damaged disks, and external hard drives.

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