Iomega – Data Recovery Information

Iomega - Data Recovery Information

Iomega Data Recovery

Iomega, like LaCie, is an external storage unit for common hard disk drives such as Seagate, Maxtor, Western Digital and others. The problem typically reported with Iomega products is the unexpected crash of the HDD inside the unit.

Physical Failures

Head crashes, spindle motor problems, damage to electronics, are all known as physical failures. The “click of death” is the most common of all these failures. This term was coined late in the ’90s when disk storage units sounded a “click”, signalling the almost always disastrous device failure. The cause is usually due to the heads being dirty or damaged and sweeping across the platters trying to locate the information it needs. On start up, the heads would be unable to return to their correct parking position within the platters, and this would lead to knocking/clicking sounds.

Logical Failure

Normally a result of a power cut which can cause the heads to dislodge, logical damage can also be caused by system crashes and hardware issues. In a case such as this, the system is left in an incompatible condition which can lead to a number of different issues including data loss and system failure. An example of this is a read / write head problem which causes clicking, beeping or knocking noises.

Has your Drive Endured Some Kind of Failure?

If so, you will most likely hear some strange sounds coming from inside the HDD. These may be beeps, clicks or even “melodious” sounds.

Sometimes, the operating system may identify the hard drive inside the unit but request that the user format it, or you’ll receive a fail error message. Other times it might be unattainable but physically it will keep on functioning.

No matter which symptoms you experience, the minute your Iomega devise fails, you need to switch it off and cut it off from the system. Immediately cutting off the electrical current will greatly improve the chance of recovering any lost data. Failure to do so will most likely result in permanent data loss.

We support data recovery on all models of Iomega storage products as follows:

Iomega® Desktop Hard Drive Hi-Speed USB 2.0 320GB, Value Silver Series
Silver Series Desktop Hard Drive USB 2.0 320GB
Black Desktop Triple Interface hard Drive 400GB
Desktop USB Hard Drive 160GB
Black Desktop Hard Drive USB 160GB
Silver Desktop Hard Drive USB 2.0 80GB
Network Hard Drive 250GB High-Speed Ethernet
NAS 300m/240GB
Iomega® Desktop Hard Drive, 400GB, Black Series, USB 2.0/FireWire® 400/FireWire 800
Iomega® Desktop Hard Drive USB 2.0 160GB
Iomega® Desktop Hard Drive Hi-Speed USB 2.0 160GB, Black Series
Iomega® Desktop Hard Drive Hi-Speed USB 2.0 80GB, Silver Series
Iomega® StorCenter™ Network Hard Drive 250GB High-Speed Ethernet
Iomega® NAS 300m/240GB
Iomega® Ultramax 2.5 TB
Iomega® Network hard drive Family

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