Types Of Data Recovery Services

When facing a data emergency, what do you do? When your valuable data is under serious threat, it has disappeared, is corrupted or inaccessible, you are probably wondering what you can do to fix it, recover it or find it. However, if you want to minimise further loss and ensure a healthy recovery of your missing or damaged data, you had best leave it to the professionals. This means, do not download ‘data recovery’ software from the net, do not continue to copy and install files onto your drive; simply switch the machine off and contact Data Detect – who are expert data restore professionals, offering all types of data recovery services.

If your machine is failing to boot, if the system cannot read the drive, if files have accidentally been deleted, if a virus has wiped out the boot record, or there is physical damage to your media – we are able to help, not just with these examples, but also with countless potential data recovery techniques.

Devices & media that we cover

With our 30 years combined experience in the data recovery services arena, Data Detect offer data recovery services for personal computers, laptops, services, RAID systems, notebooks, backup tapes, CD, DVD, and all other types of digital media that have suffered virus infections, data loss, data corruption, and electromechanical failure or media damage.

Operating systems that we cover

At Data Detect, we support a plethora of operating systems that include MS-DOS, IDE, EIDE, SCSI, UNIX, Linux, Macintosh, Sun, Netware and Seriel ATA, NT Workstation and Server, Windows ME, 98 / 95, OS/2, HPUX, and more. If you require data recovery services for an operating system that is not listed here, visit our website to see if support it.

Value for money

At Data Detect, we offer you the best pricing amongst leading data recovery services providers. With our excellent record of accomplishment, we offer the best turn around time and a high success rate (in excess of 90%).

Because we are so confident in the efficacy of our services, Data Detect offers you a No Recovery – No Charge Policy (with conditions). What does this mean for you? Well, this means that if, in the unlikely event, we are unable to conduct any data recovery services on your device or system, then you do not pay anything.

What to do next

Before we conduct your recovery, you will receive a free evaluation of the problem. Call us today and get started. Apart from merely offering superior data recovery services than most of our competitors, Data Detect offers the customer a quick and affordable means of recovering lost data.

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