Toshiba Hard Disk Drives

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Toshiba is a pioneer in the hard disk drive industry, especially when it comes to making smaller and more powerful drives. It was the first manufacturer to put a 120GB hard disk in a notebook and it is Apple’s first choice when it comes to the iPod. But, for all its high-tech advantages, Toshiba hard drives aren’t infallible and do occasionally need data recovery experts to come to the rescue.


Most Common Problems

Toshiba hard drives tend not to give clear warning signals before they fail. At best, you might notice deterioration in performance, but it’s not a reliable indicator as it could start a few days before it crashes, or a few minutes.

There is one distinct warning sign and that is a whining sound. Unfortunately, it usually only occurs just before the drive stops working. Another sign that you might soon have to call data recovery experts is the motor attempting to spin up, fail, and then retry – repeatedly.

Excessive heat causes surface damage to the heads. During exposure to high heat, the heads adhere to the disk’s surface, causing scratches and local bad-blocks.

Finally, the spindle motor and bearings may get stuck, which causes the hard drive bearings to seize up; the heads make contact with the platters, causing the drive to behave as if it’s not spinning. If this happens you need to shut down immediately and calls us to collect your Toshiba laptop or other media device, so we can analyse it and give you a data recovery estimate.


Signs of an Impending System Failure

As mentioned, Toshiba systems aren’t known for their clear warning signs but there are a few things to look out for before you shut down and call us to restore your laptop to working order.

  • Deterioration of performance.
  • Sudden hard disk failure.
  • Inaccessible drive, although it’s still functioning.
  • The BIOS recognizes the drive but a fail error appears.
  • A distinctive whining sound comes from the drive.
  • The motor starts to spin but fails and then retries repeatedly.

Our years of experience working with Toshiba laptops and other media have given us the data recovery expertise to confidently restore lost, deleted or damaged files. Our data recovery engineers are able to restore data to hard disk drives from a range of Toshiba laptops and products. Contact us to find out how we can help you, or mail your device to our Sydney headoffice.

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